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Friday, October 14, 2011


1) No motherlode. *sigh* I love motherlode.
2) Start with an individual.
3) Roll for traits.
4) Get to fifth generation.

I think those are good rules for my first legacy. ;) I should mention that I don't ever play, just decorate and build, so this is quite different for me.

Current members of the Jones Legacy are:

Ainsley: Founder
                        LTW: World-Class Gallery
                        Favorites: Classical, Fish & Chips, Red
                        Traits: Athletic, Photographer's Eye, Slob, Hopeless Romantic, Brave

Emile (Bisher): Husband
                        LTW: Leader of the Free World
                        Favorites: Egyptian, Shawarma, Yellow
                        Traits: Kleptomaniac, Schmoozer, Genius, Slob, Insane

Bevin: Oldest child, twin to Bianca
                        LTW: Illustrious Author
                        Favorites: Rockabilly, Hamburger, Orange
                        Traits: Neurotic, Genius, Light Sleeper, Lucky

Bianca: Second child by five minutes, twin to Bevin
                        LTW: World Renowned Surgeon
                        Favorites: Egyptian, Hot Dogs, Purple
                        Traits: Workaholic, Hates the Outdoors, Grumpy, Heavy Sleeper

Blaire: Third child
                        LTW: Renaissance Sim (Completed)
                        Favorites: Hip Hop, Dim Sum, Turquoise
                        Traits: Technophobe, Hopeless Romantic, Light Sleeper, Friendly

Boone: Fourth child, triplet to Brenna and Butterfly
                        LTW: Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium
                        Favorites: Latin, Stir Fry, Lilac
                        Traits: Over-Emotional, Absent-Minded, Loves the Outdoors

Brenna: Fifth child, triplet to Boone and Butterfly
                        LTW: The Tinkerer
                        Favorites: Egyptian, Frog Legs, Green
                        Traits: Genius, Clumsy, Eco-Friendly

Butterfly: youngest child, triplet to Boone and Brenna
                        LTW: CEO of a Mega Corporation
                        Favorites: Pop, Sushi, Orange

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