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Friday, October 14, 2011

Chapter 2

Bored with skilling, I send Ainsley to Lakeside Park where there was a neighborhood bbq going on.

Guess she was as bored with the skilling as me. She was in a hurry to go to this bbq. I didn't realize it would require a cab ride and a subway ride. *sigh* To be able to afford a car. Oh well, this is better for the environment, right? (well, the subway is) Oh geez, another cab? My sim is lazy. :wink:

Hmmm, what is wrong with this picture?

Give up? No other sims. Well, guess Ainsley lives in a boring neighborhood, too! :rofl: So, I told her to light the firepit and then sit. She sat on one seat to light the fire, then got up, walked around it, and sat in the seat next to it.

Maybe the first one had gum on it or something. Well, lets sit here for a little bit and see if anyone shows up. Oh, she brought a book with her, how smart. Might as well read while we wait. Dang it, she still isn't skilling up. Wait, isn't skilling turned off on community lots? :headbang: Okay, no one is here and she's starting to get hungry, so let's go home.

Mac and cheese for her skill level.

At least she doesn't look as bored as she did while she was fishing.

Ew, is she using her hands to mix it? If so, I'm really glad I'm not eating any. Come to think of it, given her skill level I'm glad I'm not eating it anyway.

Um, Ainsley? Yeah, :hi: over here. The crazy person behind the keyboard. Just curious, but why did you put your dinner in front of a space with no chair? Yeah, that's what I thought. Why don't you just move it over a little... (first the changing seats at the fire pit, now this. I'm starting to wonder about Ainsley's intelligence)

Ew. Ew, ew. Is that coming or going? Just curious.

Doesn't it suck to have to go to the basement to use the facilities? And I didn't even put any lights down here. Good thing she's female.  :angel:  Back upstairs. Now, Ainsley, I know you're a slob, but please clean up from dinner.

I should probably take time here to mention that I am using two mods that are really cheats. But they are more to keep me from being too bored. One makes the sims need less sleep, and the other allows them to learn skills faster. Yay both! I have some other mods, but none of them impact game play. I also have epic lifespan with 10 days as baby, 101 days as toddler (couldn't get 100 exactly), 101 as child, 201 as child, 351 as young adult, 351 as adult, and 230 as elder. I hate it when my sims die. Oh, and I'm playing with Queenstown.

Okay, lets go look at her needs. Fun is the lowest, but I don't have anything fun for her yet. Let's do more skilling. Logic this time, I think. Skilling may be working, but she still doesn't have the little fill thingie over her head. Oh well, I don't really care. Oh, I know what she can do next! She has only a low athletic level. Let's go to the gym.

Well, this looks about right. :grin: This gym has black lights over the machines, so she looks weird. Well, weirder. I changed them to normal lights after this picture.

When her energy got really low, I had her shower then go home to bed. Her cell phone rang while she was sleeping. Um, did she put the phone in the pocket of her night shorts? Oh, right, I saw a ringing butt, so I know sims don't keep their phones in their pockets.

Next morning, I'm anxious to see what her uniform will be. First she has to use the facilities and then eat. Her hunger is in the yellow. Geez, it took her more than 30 sim minutes. Hurry up and eat, dummy, the car pool is supposed to be here in three minutes. Way to start your first day at work.

Yeah, I don't think she cares.

That's it for now. Next time we'll go over her first day on the job.

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