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Friday, October 14, 2011

Chapter 1

Here is the founder of my legacy, Ainsley:

Ah, she's actually kind of cute. Her traits: Brave, slob, photographer's eye, hopeless romantic, and athletic. She likes classical music, fish & chips, and red. And she's a cancer. Her LTW is to have a World Class Gallery. Ainsley's a little unusual - kind of like me, even if she isn't a self-sim - so when it came to where to live, she decided to buy an old, run-down church even if it left her just about broke.

She has the bare essentials in where the pews and altar used to be.

The stairs to the basement and then the existing bathroom:

Now that she's got a place to live, she's got to find a job. That'll be coming soon.

So, this is the boring part (for me, anyway). She doesn't have the money to buy anything fun (like a tv or computer) and doesn't yet have a job. I kept looking by the mailbox for the newspaper (this is the first time I've really played TS3) so I could get her a job, but no go. Instead I started skilling with logic.


Nope, not any more interesting from this angle.

Let's try fishing in the well stocked pond; that should be fun.

Dang, I just missed getting the pic of her pulling the fishing pole out of her butt. :(

Look at those fish jumping. This pond is so well stocked the fish should be jumping into her hands, even without a fishing pole.

Um, isn't this supposed to be fun? If this is her "I'm having fun" expression, I don't want to see her bored.

Fish concentration in most of the pond compared to the fish concentration where Ainsley's fishing (she didn't catch any):

Oh look, there's the paper!! Who'd have thunk they'd actually put it near the door! How nice.

Let's shed some light on the subject. Before buying an overhead light compared to after

Jobs available are paper girl (journalism), playground monitor (education) and decoy (criminal).  With Ainsley's traits I'm not sure any of those are ideal, but I like the idea of having a criminal sim. What can I say, I'm weird that way. :wink: So Ainsley accepts the job of decoy. She has 23 hours until work starts, so now what? I guess we'll do more skilling, this time cooking. No pictures, because again it's b-o-r-i-n-g. I even ultra-speeded through. Hmmm, I think I may have to take out a mod or something, because she doesn't seem to be gaining skills. I should probably have taken out some of my mods before starting my legacy anyway. I need to fix that before the next installment.

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