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Friday, October 14, 2011

Chapter 3

Work outfit = normal clothes. That's just...disappointing. So, she missed the carpool and what?

Oh, she's going to run all the way to work. How fun. Did I mention she lives on the way left side of the map? Hm. Bet her mood won't be great when she gets there. Being a criminal isn't looking too good for her right now. Wait...

Here's her carpool. Is this a criminal thing? You know, not being picked up at the door so no one will see them? If so, that's kinda stupid because it took Ainsley more than 30 minutes to run to the car (of course she had to follow the road and couldn't just cut down the hill because that is one steep hill).

Nice place to work. Not. *shudders* I guess I didn't have her in a very good mood because by the time quiting time rolled around, she was low on hunger (normal), energy (almost running on empty) and fun. Uh oh. *sigh* Nap time. She earned 76 simoleons, so there isn't much I can buy her for fun. Maybe she should go get a tattoo. All criminals have them, right? (I'm being sarcastic here, since I have two). Nap first, then we'll think about that tattoo. Oh boy, I hope she doesn't have to run *back* home. And I can tell a criminal is driving her carpool car. He did a U-turn (well, they're illegal where I live) and ran a yellow light. :rofl: Yep, she has to run back home.


That's my girl, Ainsley. Take a cab home. Random note here, but does anyone else hate how the camera controls are opposite in live and tab modes? Drives me bonkers! Well, more bonkers. Snack then bed. OMG, I didn't get a picture of it, but Ainsley's kitchen is up on a stage and she just kind of stopped before the stage and wobbled a little before slowly going up. Priceless. I just realized Ainsley doesn't have a garbage can in her house. Good thing she's a slob.

See how sweet she looks? Not like a criminal at all. ... Wish time went even faster when they're sleeping ...

Okay, enough of a nap. Time to go have some fun. So, to a night club in downtown. Ainsley meets her first resident of Queenstown (other than coworkers), Quiana Dorman.

Trying to start interesting conversation, Ainsley asks Quiana a question:

DOH! Ainsley, you shouldn't ask questions you wouldn't want to answer yourself. Yep, I can hear it now. "Oh, you're a book merchant? Wow, how cool. I was a decoy for a robbery at your store." Great basis for a friendship.

Nice outfit dude. Not.

Ainsley agrees with me on the outfit. Anyway, this is Jarod Boone. He's a paparazzi. No, Ainsley didn't ask him. I pointed to him to find out. I'm not risking her bragging about her great career. She talked with him about cameras.

Goodness, does this girl ever look happy?

Well, that's 10 pix, so more later.

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